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MY Information

Healthcare sector is challenged, each day with contrasting situations of abundance and lack of appropriate information, at the same time. Lack of information, among both healthcare workers as well as general public, often contribute to avoidable medical lapses, particularly, in the developing world. Nevertheless, a greater access to medical information from unreliable sources, among this group, at times, can overwhelm caregivers and create complex situations in patient care. Medallion, is committed to contributing towards building awareness among healthcare workers, patient communities etc. and developing communication platforms that facilitate access to healthcare information, for enhancing patient outcomes.

YOUR Technology Partner

Technology is slated to become the key player in revolutionising healthcare delivery globally, in both advancing clinical care of patients as well as making care more accessible and affordable. Finding the right balance between the high cost of technology and the envisaged benefits, will be essential to the success of technological innovations. Organisations investing in technology, be it in the areas of information management, resource management, diagnosis or therapy, have a significant challenge in selecting and implementing appropriate solutions, tailored to localised needs. Medallion’s technology advisory team helps institutions in identifying, customising and implementing innovations in technology, that can transform healthcare delivery, across varied landscapes.

WE The People

Adequacy of trained healthcare professionals, remains one of the most commonly experienced concerns of the healthcare sector across the globe. Therefore, attracting and retaining professionals, is one of biggest challenges facing healthcare organisations. High stress environments, uneven wages and poor work-life balance are added burdens on the system. In order to ensure quality and consistency of care, organisations have to rethink strategies to address people challenges. Medallion’s strategic management division, helps organisations design people practices, that not only empower and motivate, but also systematically build capacity, to meet the ever increasing demands.
Medallion Healthcare endeavours to be a platform on which healthcare services are constantly improved and bringing a model of collaborative ecosystem, where multiple service delivery systems interact and have a large impact on the overall patient outcomes.