Raghvendra G

Accessibility Specialist, IBM, India

“Team was very professional and had huge respect on Business ethics and social responsibility which is very important for companies.”
I lost my vision in an unfortunate accident and almost immediately lost my job and hope to live a normal life. But, with my never-die-spirit, I quickly took control of my life. Manesh Mathew gave me an opportunity to work in his organization as full-time employee despite of my challenges. Team was very professional and had huge respect on business ethics and social responsibility. I worked with them for 20 months and got exposure equal to or more than 10 years of experience with strict targets and stringent deadlines. It was only possible because of support from senior managers and colleagues. Right from day one, Manesh and Sudha stood with me in all my success and failure. Especially in failures, as a Sweetest manager, Sudha's cheerful words “‘You can do it, Raghu” have always encouraged me. Thank You Sudha. I am thankful to Manesh for giving an opportunity to work with them and also thank God for giving the best guide, mentor and friend in the form of Manesh. Today I am Accessibility Lead at IBM India, with over 9 years of experience.