Our Model

Our approach would be to follow the sustainable development goals and see how we can plug the gaps for any community across the globe, by partnering with various governments, non-profit establishments and corporates for building a sustainable social enterprise.

Integrating Technology and Leadership

Medallion also strongly advocates the use of technology to help scale up programs as far as reach is concerned and also help in the monitoring of resources deployed. Technology also plays a key role in terms of providing training and simulate certain conditions during pilot stage of our projects.

Medallion's new vision encompasses the need, is to build more community entrepreneurs from the local areas and foster innovation through providing affordable pathway services in different sectors spanning across health, education, energy and livelihood.

Team Medallion with its vast experience delivering solutions across for-profit, public and nonprofit sectors, is all set to build and focus on scaling up existing business models across to social enterprise models.

Case Studies and Recent Assignments are available on request.

Words of Encouragement

Sunil Chandy

Former Director, CMC Vellore

I remained impressed by the down-to-earth, bottom-up approach they used to study our rather complex HR pyramid in our institution.

Dr. Sedevi Angami

Director, CIHSR, Nagaland.

I find in Medallion an innovative, empathic, professional and excellent organization with a deep social conscience..

Raghvendra G

Accessibility Specialist, IBM, India

Team was very professional and had huge respect on Business ethics and social responsibility...