Manesh Mathew

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

"Technology innovations to be the driving force in healthcare investments"
Manesh has little over two decades of experience being an entrepreneur and nurturing ideas that bring about social transformation. Having performed CXO roles in multiple corporate, government and social organizations, his primary focus in the last 10 plus years, has been towards bringing change in the way healthcare is delivered in the unorganised sector of developing economies. His work experience ranges from incubation of social enterprise models, turning around of non-profit establishments and capacity building for scaling levels of already existing programs. The model of execution involves both client site implementation of key deliverables as well as strategic level planning. His rich expertise of having worked strongly on the technology on one side and managing medical practitioners on the other side gives him the edge of “blending need to the cause”. He is also actively engaged in identifying ideas at grass root levels and bringing resources to fuel these social bubbles into a bigger impact. Manesh holds Master's Degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from London School of Economics (LSE).