Innovation Circle

Medallion’s model is to build sustainable and innovative models through effective partnerships and bring the best out of every resource utilised. Medallion also has a dedicated open innovation lab “Ideas for change”, in partnership with some of the leading educational institutes and corporate leaders aim to find newer ways to stay sustainable yet remain relevant towards the needs of community.

Trolltunga Norway

Meet Our Innovators

Our Buds : This is at a knowledge exchange and building basic framework level of key expertise. This level also includes the “buds” being local representatives for market research and understanding the social issues. Buds usually mature into blooms with start of projects from any of the local needs. Buds usually work directly with Seeds for being mentored as well as understanding the core essence of social enterprise.

Our Blooms : These are the skilled executioners with good understanding of the local culture and socio-economic conditions. This is the stage for ideas to go beyond proof of concept and be executable for our various clients. Building of local leadership is key to success for sustainability of projects.

Our Seeds : Mentors with significant experience in the respective fields. Seeds play the role of providing direction and also help in the design of the social enterprise framework. We have a diverse group spanning across almost all streams ranging from academicians, social transformers, technocrats, financial experts and domain experts.

Our Innovators

Dr. Varghese Philip

Advisor- Strategic Services

Dr. Verghese Philip can be best described as a visionary and strategist in healthcare, with over 20 years of experience in leading healthcare organisations

Dr Manju Mathew

Advisor Medical Services

A Consultant Pulmonologist and Critical Care Specialist, Dr Manju is experienced in setting up Critical Care Units(CCU) in multi-specialty hospitals in India

Sunanda Mavillapalli

Head of Quality Assurance, Impact and Learning

She brings with her first-hand experience and strong understanding of multi-cultural contexts in Africa and Asia and has demonstrable experience of managing small to large scale programmes to a high standard.

Dr. Devajit Sarma

Chief Neonatologist & Pedaitric Intensivist, Satribari Christian Hospital, Assam, India

He is passionate about social and preventive paediatrics and advocates removal of health inequity from the society.

Dr. Elias J. Engelking

Specialist Surgeon and Emergency Physician, Germany

He is passionate about delivering high-quality medical aid in challenging international healthcare environments.

Sudha Mathew

Co-Founder &
Director, India

Sudha has over a decade’s experience in Healthcare, Hospitality, Customer Services and Staffing.

Rosy Marcel

Co-Founder & Director, India

With over 18 years of management experience, Rosy oversees Medallion’s Operations and Research teams..