Meet our team

With over 50 years of collective experience, team Medallion bring the best leaders from every field we deliver and we are on the constant look out for the young leaders to be part of this mission. Medallion has come a long way in evolving itself from a healthcare consulting firm to a full fledged Social Enterprise in the last few years. Today the team has a vision to reach far beyond the Asian continent and be part of the global transformation.

Medallion is expanding its scope of services beyond healthcare and capacity building to other social development sectors, education, livelihood and energy. Medallion has been metamorphosing by taking small steps towards social transformation over the last 2 decades. Through programs like ‘Team Sixth sense’ for the visually challenged and its services into rural healthcare sector across North Eastern states of India, Medallion remains a star of hope for driving impactful change.


“Bringing a SEa change for billions of lives of our planet, needing an upliftment”


“Create a new world of opportunities for the marginalised through empowerment, co-creation of ideas and uncompromising ethical standards”

Our Team

Manesh Mathew

Founder & Director, United Kingdom

Manesh brings with him over two decades of management experience across healthcare, IT and manufacturing industries

Sudha Mathew

Director HR, BCMCH

Sudha has over a decade’s experience in Healthcare, Hospitality, Customer Services and Staffing.

Rosy Marcel

Chief Administrative Officer, BCMCH

With over 18 years of management experience, Rosy oversees Medallion’s Operations and Research teams..

Dr. Varghese Philip

Advisor- Strategic Services to Strategy Development, MAF International

Dr. Verghese Philip can be best described as a visionary and strategist in healthcare, with over 20 years of experience in leading healthcare organisations

Sunanda Mavillapalli

Advisor Developmental Initiatives, United Kingdom

She brings with her first-hand experience and strong understanding of multi-cultural contexts in Africa and Asia and...