Patient Care with Heart at Right Place

As a researcher in healthcare space, I have got several opportunities to closely interact with healthcare practitioners. Where corporate hospitals and commercialisation of the whole healthcare system has deeply compromised the patient care, there are doctors who care more about a human life rather than targets and high profits. These doctors are not trying to improve their hospital technology to attract more money rather their intention is to provide better care, their efforts are more in making sure that the patients are treated well.... readmore


Intrinsic motivation

In Quest of “the real motivation”: Many a times one wonders, what makes a few organisations outshine others in the same business offerings? What are the habits when followed, make customers come flocking to you and choose you over your competition. Is it purely the Leadership or is it the basic fabric, what we call “ culture”, that makes the difference? Tonnes of research and management books have all tried to arrive, at this magic formula; “what makes it tick”. The more we explore the subject, the more we are lost with different views ...readmore


Saving Mothers in Rural India

I would like to share my experiences with healthcare projects in the North Eastern State of India, Assam. Between 2011 and 2014, I had taken up a consulting assignment, to turnaround a legacy Christian Mission Hospital, situated in the city of Guwahati, facing a prolonged financial crisis. While the primary objective of the management was to revive the financial performance of this charitable hospital...readmore

Beautiful Nagaland

For nearly 2 years, have been captivated by the "land of mystic mountains". Consulting on a healthcare project brought me here, but then there is so much that i have learned from this place. An experience that will always remain fresh in my memories, from visiting the little hamlets and interacting with simple humane beings to the rising new generation who are challenging the old cultural ethos and practices...readmore

Wanted Leaders with a Heart

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with some wonderful people from Association of People with Disability ( APD), an integrated NGO based out of Bangalore and serving the thousands with disability across the country. In their 50 plus years of service, they definitely are a team with the passion to keep improving their programs at the same time enhance the absorption of disabled people into Corporate India. Last year’s campus placement was as high as 87%( from a batch of 300 plus individuals). ...readmore

Where is My Fish " Maas"?

You must be all wondering what I am trying to convey. In the last few years of my working with various Christian Mission Hospitals, there is something important that I have learnt. The importance of a legacy called “ Missions”, and how this legacy is fighting a battle for survival in today’s advanced healthcare scenario of our Country.All is not so well at one of the oldest Christian Mission Hospitals in Assam.The Hospital is one of the most reputed Mission Hospitals of the past ... readmore

Medallion Business Consulting Services

Its time we bring all our expertise we have gained in handling Healthcare people challenges to a logical flow. In the last few years our interactions with various Leaders in Healthcare, one sure felt need for management teams was to balance the accelerated growth at the organizational level with managing the staff perception of who they are working for? Indian Healthcare is going through what one might call the " inevitable change". While all other industries face questions how much and what directions they should grow? Healthcare clearly seems to be quite unfazed by all the economic slow down globally. ... readmore